Royal Entertainment


Festive Carnival Entertainment in New York and New Jersey

Add a little carnival charm to your party and your event will be full of fun for the whole family! With our wide variety of carnival games and activities, we can provide entertainment for party-goers of all ages and create a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy. 

Carnival Games

We offer a wide selection of fun and interactive carnival games, including:
  • Balloon Pop 
  • Milk Bottle Smash 
  • Plinko 
  • Ring Toss 
  • Bean Bag Toss 
  • And many more! 

Face Painting and More

If you want to take your carnival-inspired party to the next level, we can also provide face painting activities, custom themed foods, and special decorations. Face painting makes any party extra fun and memorable for the kids, and with special snacks and décor, we can help you create a truly magical atmosphere.

Hassle-free Entertainment

We bring the equipment to your party, with complete set-up and cleanup services so you have nothing to worry about. Plus, we can customize our carnival entertainment to suit the size and location of your event and cater to guests of all ages. It’s total stress-free fun!

Bring the carnival to your private party! Call us today for a quote: (973) 826-7011

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