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Motivate Your Team With a Memorable Company Picnic

  • By Victor Markovski
  • 25 Oct, 2017
Spending too much time in the office can get to anybody, and a company picnic is just what your team needs to break up the monotony and get inspired to meet corporate goals. While some fresh air and sunshine lift everyone's moods, it is also important to make sure that your company event promotes a team mindset.

Since everyone will, hopefully, be talking about this picnic for months to come, you want to ensure that each detail is carefully planned for increasing your team's motivation. As you start picking out venues and food, use these tips to plan a memorable picnic that is aligned with your company's mission.

Select a Location

Company picnics often take place outdoors because this allows everyone to enjoy a different environment than they are in every day. However, you might want to change it up if your picnic is an annual event; visiting a new venue generates more excitement.

Explore potential new locations for your company picnic this year, such as setting it up on a ranch. Alternatively, you could host your picnic at an amusement park or inside of an event tent so that it can take place no matter what the weather throws your way.

Set a Date

It is important to plan your company picnic for a day when as many people as possible can attend. Avoid planning the picnic for busy times such as during a corporate convention or the end of the month when everyone is scrambling to meet deadlines.

Instead, consider hosting your picnic on a weekend when everyone has extra time available. This is ideal if you plan to invite your employees' children and spouses. Alternatively, you could plan your picnic for workday afternoon if your team tends to be active on the weekends.

Choose a Theme

Every party needs a theme, and the one you choose should set a festive tone while also fitting into your company's culture. For instance, you could host a picnic based on a casino theme if your team is known for their competitive and risk-taking personalities.

Alternatively, you could choose a carnival theme that instantly generates a festive atmosphere, or you could turn your company's sprawling landscape into a miniature summer camp that is designed for adults.

Create a Menu

Menu planning gets complicated since you must consider food safety along with potential special diets to ensure that everyone stays healthy. Work with your  event planning team  to plan food that matches the theme while also fitting into everyone's eating plans.

Whether you serve hot dogs and funnel cakes or set up a salad bar that is fit for a king, knowing that this part is professionally planned gives you peace of mind as you watch everyone load up their plates.

Plan Activities

The best company picnics include activities that are strategically planned to foster team building while still being fun. Get your crew moving by breaking everyone into small teams for a scavenger hunt, or set up a row of classic outdoor games such as corn hole and horseshoes to inspire some friendly competition.

As you plan your activities, consider adding your brand to the fun. For example, you can use different colored t-shirts with the company logo printed on it to designate teams. Promotional gear, such as mugs and phone cases, also make great prizes that stay in your team's mind after the fun day is over.

Royal Entertainment is experienced in planning corporate events that range from formal appreciation ceremonies to rousing picnics that motivate employees to contribute to the team. Contact us to plan a memorable event for your company's employees today.  

By Victor Markovski 20 Nov, 2017
The wedding reception is often the part of the big day where the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party can relax. Vows have been said, and everyone gets to enjoy food and drinks. You can make this part of your wedding even more fun by adding a photo booth to the festivities. Consider these ways the photo booth can enhance your reception.
By Victor Markovski 25 Oct, 2017
Spending too much time in the office can get to anybody, and a company picnic is just what your team needs to break up the monotony and get inspired to meet corporate goals. While some fresh air and sunshine lift everyone's moods, it is also important to make sure that your company event promotes a team mindset.
By Victor Markovski 22 Sep, 2017
You don't have to go to Vegas to experience the excitement of a Vegas-style casino. When you hire a party and entertainment company to plan your big event, you can bring all the exhilarating lights and actions of Vegas straight to your hometown. Casino nights are also great fundraising ideas. Choose your venue early to ensure the space and configuration to help make your event a success!
By Victor Markovski 26 Jul, 2017
Any birthday should make people want to celebrate, but a sweet 16 birthday is a special milestone. The party for a sweet 16 birthday should highlight the teen's interests and attributes to make it personal. It should also have a grander feel than other birthday parties because it is commemorating a milestone.

No matter the size of the guest list, a milestone party requires special planning that includes creating a guest list, picking out invitations and choosing a party theme. Fortunately, a party venue can take care of many of these details for you, such as organizing entertainment and a photographer. So, as your teenager approaches this pivotal, defining moment, plan a unique celebration for friends and loved ones.
By Victor Markovski 19 Jun, 2017
In today's world, reaching a marriage milestone measured in decades is quite an accomplishment. If your parents plan to celebrate their 40th, 50th, or even 60th anniversary soon, you may already be working with your siblings or other loved ones to plan the perfect surprise.

However, not everyone enjoys being the center of a surprise party. And while you may be excited at the prospect of planning and throwing a great party for your parents while leaving them none the wiser, you'll also want to avoid creating a stress-induced cardiac episode for one of the guests of honor.

Read on to learn about some ways to surprise your parents at their anniversary party while ensuring they're at least somewhat aware there is a party being planned in their honor.

#1: Surprise MusicalGuests

One way to make your parents' anniversary party one to remember is to secretly book a special musical guest or band-ideally one that is able to play (or cover) your parents' "song"or who can choose from a selection of the songs that were popular during the early years of your parents' courtship and marriage.

You may opt to make your guests even more of a surprise by concealing any musical equipment in a darkened corner of the room or under a sheet. This part of the room can be illuminated just as the musicians begin playing, with a spotlight simultaneously guiding your parents to the dance floor.

 #2: A Hidden Social Media Page

Even if your parents don't use social media(or use it only to see photos of their grandchildren), they may appreciate receiving well-wishes from far-flung family members, former coworkers, and friends.

By setting up a page on asocial media website and then inviting your parents' friends, family members,and acquaintances to "like"and visit the page or contribute their own stories or memories of your parents' marriage, you'll be equipped with the virtual equivalent of a guestbook at the party.

A virtual guestbook can be a great way to solicit well-wishes from those who are too faraway to attend the party in person. With the advent of live-streaming videos and the ability to take and nearly instantly upload pictures, page viewers may even be able to record their own anniversary wishes for your parents, much like guests might in a wedding video.

Your party planners can display this website on a projection screen during the party,allowing other guests to view and comment on the well wishes received.

#3: An Impromptu Vacation

Even if your parents are expecting a"surprise"party for their anniversary, they're likely to assume that they'll be headed back home at the party's end. One way to surprise them(and provide them with an unexpected gift at the same time) is to plan and book a vacation to take place immediately after the party.

By giving your party planners a heads-up early in the process, you'll be able to enlist their help in coordinating with a local ride-share company or car service that can whisk your parents away to the airport or train station as soon as the party has begun to wind down.

If you go this route, you'll want to either ensure your parents have quick access to their luggage or time to go home and pack before leaving for their destination.

Alternatively, you can pack some clothes and necessities for them and bring this luggage to the party or provide them with the funds to buy much of what they need, such as toiletries, once they've reached their destination.

For more ideas, you can consult your party planners at Royal Entertainment. We can help you create anything you can imagine,and we'll be happy to help.
By Victor Markovski 26 Apr, 2017

A bat mitzvah is an important time in a young Jewish girl's life, and there is no better occasion for a major celebration than this milestone. As your daughter prepared for the big day, she had to work hard and prove her dedication. Make the celebration a time to reap the rewards of all that hard work.

These extra touches can transform the gathering into something your daughter and her friends can really embrace as their own. Small things can add up to a huge amount of enjoyment at the celebration. Consider these ideas when planning your daughter's bat mitzvah.


Go With a Theme That Is Significant to Your Daughter


Themed celebrations are especially memorable, and they really get people talking. You are free to choose any theme that is special to your daughter. Whether she wants to feel like a princess or a character in her favorite movie, a themed party can help everyone have fun. In 20 years, your daughter and her friends may still refer to that special bat mitzvah that stands out among others.


Offer a Photo Booth with a Variety of Fun Props for All Ages


A photo booth is a classic but contemporary way to up the fun factor at the celebration. It's also a fun way to help your daughter get some social media love. Young guests will delight in posting pictures from the photo booth on social media. If you want, you can even create a hashtag and encourage people to share their photo booth photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the hashtag of the gathering.

The photo booth can be included in a special theme, too. For example, if you chose a Hawaiian theme, you could pick leis and hula skirts as props for the photo booth. That can lead to some laughs and enjoyable photos, and it can also serve to help kids look back and instantly know when that photo was taken.


Hire a Professional DJ Who Knows How to Delight the Crowd


A professional DJ can read the crowd and know the right music to play for the mood and tastes of those who are enjoying the celebration. If the energy starts to lag, a DJ can help get things going again. When your daughter wants to dance the night away at her bat mitzvah, a professional DJ can make all the difference to ensure the best tunes are played at the right moment.


Cater the Bat Mitzvah with Kid-Friendly Treats


Good food will satisfy everyone at the bat mitzvah celebration. When you work with an event planning company to make sure that your daughter and her friends have foods that appeal to them, your daughter is sure to appreciate the extra care to celebrate this huge milestone in her life. You can even request your daughter's favorite foods.

A caterer can provide a variety of menu options. That way, the adults can enjoy delicious food while kids still get foods that help take the celebration to the next level in their eyes. You can choose kid-friendly snack, dinner, dessert, and beverage options. Also, catering can be another way of celebrating your party's theme. For example, if the theme is Paris, you can have a French menu.

Finally, mazel tov on your daughter's bat mitzvah! Royal Entertainment offers everything you need to make a bat mitzvah celebration one your daughter will cherish. We can take any theme you have in mind and help you bring it to life. We offer photo booths, professional DJs, and catering that will exceed your expectations. Focus on celebrating this important occasion with your daughter, and let us do the work!

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